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Better credit can take away family stress

Fix your credit. Raise your score. Enjoy purchasing more, for less.

When you have credit problems it can be very hard to find a solution. Today, credit restrictions have made it incredibly difficult to get approved for the things you want and sometimes even the things you really need.

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Free Credit Reports & Scores

We obtain all three of your credit reports for you, completely for free, so that we can get started right away.

Shortly after you start our service we’ll give you access to your own online portal, which will automatically display information from all three of your credit reports. Saving you this extra step (and cost) of obtaining your own credit reports and sending them to us, is just one of the many benefits you’ll enjoy.

Another one is that we obtain all three of your credit scores for you as well—completely free—and we’re the only company that does this for you. This gives you a perfect starting point to measure our results. You’ll know your starting credit scores, so at the end of our service you’ll be able to easily see a “before and after” snapshot of how we improved your credit and raised your credit score.

It’s amazing that we’re still the only company who does this for you, but it’s in your best interest, and for this reason we continue to obtain all three credit reports, and credit scores, for all of our clients.

No Monthly Fees “Hurray!”

Instead of charging “never-ending” monthly fees like everyone else, we decided to give you a little peace of mind; You know the cost of your service—at the start of your sevice. Just three payments of $99.

You’ll find that almost every other company charges never-ending monthly fees for their service which stacks up every month. They actually make MORE money if they take longer to improve your credit. Not good for you.

We think you should really know the total cost, up front, and we’ve found that a lot of people agree with us. (Our clients!)

Providing you with the best results possible that you ( and your credit) will appreciate, is one thing, making it the most affordable service you’ll find, from a company you can trust, is another.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

You’re guaranteed to be happy with our service, or we’ll give you a full refund AND we’ll give you $50 on top of your money back! There’s absolutely no risk. It’s one of the main reasons why over 100,000 have people trusted us with their credit. We stand behind our service, and we know you’ll be more than happy with our results.

Go ahead and get started. Save time, aggravation, and money! At the very least you’ll have made the decision to do something about your credit.

Our Service Keeps You in Mind

  • Start seeing results in less than 60 days.
  • We keep it simple. We take care of everything with no extra fees.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee. You’re happy with the results, or your money back.

There is no credit problem you’re facing that we haven’t helped someone else with. We understand the laws, the tedious steps, and how to repair and improve your credit report.

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Every consumer with a credit card, checking account, mortgage or auto loan has a credit history in each of the three credit bureaus. Access to credit can be denied if previous repayment of outstanding balances has been mishandled. Since 2008, banks and other creditors have changed qualifying criteria to reduce the risk of non-payment that is indicated in the credit history and credit score.

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Your credit score is a number that represents a pile of information, all of which is indicative of your financial status. Good credit is a visible indication to companies, financial institutions and employers that you’re responsible and trustworthy. Bad credit might tell those same people that you’re financially irresponsible, or simply that you’ve had a bad time and lost track of a few bills.

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In today’s harsh economic climate, many people find themselves in financial trouble through no fault of their own. Consumers are in debt due to high fuel costs, increasing mortgage rates and inflation. It is easy to slip up and damage your credit in this type of environment. Unfortunately, improving your credit can be quite difficult, especially if you go about it alone.

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A poor credit score can be one of the most expensive burdens most consumers carry along with them, exposing them to high interest rates on home and car purchases, as well as the combination of higher credit card interest rates and overall limits. of course, these expenses result only when a lender is willing to overlook a poor credit scenario and lend the consumer money despite their past difficulties. Many institutions, especially in an era of tighter credit markets and lower overall revenue, are reluctant to even go that far. This makes it absolutely essential for consumers to take charge of their financial destiny by addressing the causes and symptoms of their credit woes in a head-on way.